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UPDATE: Although this release was originally posted on September 23, 2010, the donation was presented on October 1 at North American Rescue's headquarters off of I-85 in Greenville County. The above video was shot following the presentation.
More than $20,000 in innovative Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Firefighter Survival Equipment goes to Boiling Springs Fire District.

(Greer, SC / September 23, 2010) This month North American Rescue is donating more than $20,000 in innovative Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Firefighter Survival Equipment to their local fire service, Boiling Springs Fire District. The equipment donated includes 75 Firefighter Survival Kits, 75 Bail Out Kits, 10 Roof Rescue Kits, and 18 High Anchor Kits.

The VooDoo® line of Firefighter/RIT Survival Gear was designed to overcome the factors of survival stress and developed to decrease firefighter mortality. By carrying the least amount of equipment with the most versatile number of applications, firefighters are better equipped to successfully execute a rescue while operating in unpredictable and unforgiving situations on the fireground.

Firefighter Survival Kits, comprised of wire cutters, knives, harnesses, and a variety of special cords, ropes, and carabiners, can accomplish a wide range of rescue operations with minimal equipment. Bail Out Kits allow for firefighters to bail out under extreme circumstances while maintaining control of their descent. Roof Rescue Kits make it possible to perform multiple simultaneous rescues via roofs, balconies, or windows, allowing rescuers to access places outside the reach of ladders. High Anchor Kits enable the hoisting and lowering of victims with fewer personnel and are specially designed for rapid set up and deployment.

This gear will better equip the firefighters with the tools needed for a means of egress from multi-story structures and other numerous lifesaving interventions in times of entrapment and distress. The NAR representatives responsible for spearheading this donation are President Samuel D. Wyman III, CFO Dean Bugner, COO Jim Carino, and Director of Non-Military Products Brent Bronson.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to support the brave first responders of the Boiling Springs Fire Department. It’s great knowing that their service plays an important role in the safety of our community,” said Samuel D. Wyman III, President of North American Rescue. “In keeping with the passion of our business, we have a sincere desire to see this donation of firefighter survival gear help increase their survivability in the line of duty so that they can return home safe to their families.”

Chief Steve Graham of Boiling Springs said, “The Boiling Springs Fire District is grateful to receive this equipment that we otherwise would not be able to afford.”

“By deploying these kits provided by North American Rescue, we can enhance the safety of not only our firefighters but those responders in our neighboring departments as well,” Graham added.

About North American Rescue
North American Rescue, LLC, based in Greer, South Carolina, has enjoyed the honor of serving their country, community, and customers for over a decade. By providing innovative casualty care solutions to first responders, health care professionals, and security forces at home and abroad, NAR is leading the fray to decrease preventable death on the battlefield, whether it be a foreign combat zone or the streets of America.

For media inquiries regarding North American Rescue, please contact Lonnie Johnson by e-mail at or by phone at 864/675-9800.

About the Boiling Springs Fire District
Established in 1968 and located on Greenville County’s Eastside, the Boiling Springs Fire District covers 15 square miles and serves over 26,000 residents. Governed by five commissioners recommended by county council and appointed by the governor, the Boiling Springs Fire District is a special purpose district responsible for addressing specific concerns and local issues among commercial and residential interests through 40 paid personnel and 20 volunteers operating out of 3 fire stations. The Boiling Springs Fire District is South Carolina’s only ISO Class 1 fire department with a combination of paid and volunteer fire fighters.

For media inquiries regarding the Boiling Springs Fire District, please contact Taft Matney by e-mail at or by phone at 864/505-8866.


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