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(October 3, 2005 / Greenville, SC) TM Public Relations & Governmental Affairs (TMPR) today launched its redesigned web site which includes the firm’s new division -- Taft Matney Photography.

“As marketers our first job is to work with our clients to heighten positive impressions of their businesses or causes, but too often we take our own public face for granted. Our redesigned web presence better reflects who we are and what we do today. It shows how we grew not only in terms of client experience, but in our service offerings as well,” said TMPR principal Taft Matney.

The new site is redesigned throughout with what Matney describes as a “clean consistent look and feel with user friendly sections” for both TM Public Relations & Governmental Affairs and Taft Matney Photography.

He said the’s simple design approach is intentional. “So many of today’s sites get bogged down with flash animation, musical scores, or sound effects that play automatically and drown out a site’s purpose or message. When people are in front of their computers and search the Internet for information about a product or a company, they don’t want a lot of intrusive additional material that exists only to say, ‘Look what I can do with a web site.’ Our new site takes our visitors’ attitudes into consideration and provides a simple browsing experience that allows our firm’s work and accomplishments to speak for themselves,” Matney said.

The new opens with a front page that offers site visitors a choice between TM Public Relations & Governmental Affairs or Taft Matney Photography.

The TM Public Relations & Governmental Affairs section includes pages people expect like information about the firm and its principals, client experience, client testimonials, and a link to Taft Matney Photography section. Newly added is the “Client & Firm News” page which incorporates web log (or “blog”) concepts to quickly add information that can also serve as a tool for media outlets with questions about one of the firm’s clients.

Taft Matney Photography (TMP) is the group’s newest venture and is now a part of the site. With photographic samples, service information, and a contact page, Matney said that the firm hopes the additional offering will help set the firm apart from larger organizations.

According to Matney, “We began TMP because our clients often operate on smaller budgets and do not want to incur the additional expense of hiring a third-party photographic resource. Since we felt that this was something we could offer, we invested in the equipment and found that our clients not only appreciated our efforts to save them money but felt that the work we produced was as good as anything else we did for them. Eventually, that service naturally grew into a stand-alone offering.”

Matney said that the TMP division is geared toward corporate, political, non-profit, and freelance editorial clients and does not anticipate branching out into the wedding market which he feels is already well-served by numerous area photographers.

He added, “We’re excited to offer both types of services in this innovative way and look forward to the opportunities ahead.”

About TMPR

Based in Greenville, South Carolina with client experience including non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, political candidates, local businesses, technology firms, and third-party marketing agencies, TM Public Relations & Governmental Affairs (TMPR) provides public relations and governmental affairs services to companies, individuals, and organizations in both public and private sectors.

About TMP

Taft Matney Photography (TMP) is a separate business unit closely tied with TM Public Relations & Governmental Affairs that sprung from a love of creating and reinforcing public personas for people, agencies, organizations, and businesses throughout South Carolina. Because of the nature of TMP’s business, there is no in-house studio. Instead, all photography occurs on location to more accurately capture the subject.

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